3 Ways To Cope With Sexual Harassment At Work

Achieving career success can be challenging enough, but when you are being sexually harassed at work it may feel impossible. Victims of sexual harassment frequently experience depression, physical symptoms like headaches, and decreased morale. If you are being sexually harassed at work, you deserve fair treatment. Here are three powerful ways to cope with sexual harassment in the workplace:

Know How to Identify Sexual Harassment

Sometimes sexual harassment in the workplace can be confusing because it isn't always blatant. Sexual harassment is usually considered to be any harassment at the workplace that is based on your gender or sexuality. Examples of sexual harassment include unwanted advances or comments about your body or attractiveness. Lewd gestures are another form of sexual harassment.

Inappropriate physical contact and suggestive jokes and comments are also considered sexual harassment. Sexual harassment also tends to be persistent. If you have told your colleague to stop making remarks, gestures, or touching you, and they have continued, you are being harassed. Sexual harassment leads to a hostile work environment and should be stopped.

Document Everything They Say

To avoid getting into a "who said what" situation, it's important to document everything the harasser says and does. Save any inappropriate emails or texts you receive from them. If the sexual harassment only happens verbally or in person, be sure to take notes. If there are witnesses, ask them if they would be willing to sign a document agreeing that they saw or heard the harassment themselves. Keep notes with dates and details.

Another important thing to document is your own reaction to the harassment. Instead of just telling them to stop verbally, get it in writing. It is also a good idea to send a formal complaint to your manager or HR department via email.

Consult With a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Finally, your best weapon against sexual harassment is an attorney who works in these matters. Your attorney will help you receive any compensation that is owed to you and will also ensure the appropriate authorities are notified. You should then have the option of remaining in your workplace (if the harassment has been dealt with sufficiently) or moving on to a new workplace, without the financial burden of unemployment

No one deserves to be being sexually harassed at work. By following these tips and working with a sexual harassment attorney, you will soon regain your sense of control and be able to enjoy work in peace. Contact a sexual harassment lawyer for more information.