Working With A Patent Attorney For Your Invention

It is not required by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) to have a patent attorney file for a patent, but there are plenty of reasons why it benefits you to do so. Protecting the intellectual property of a startup is a very critical component of business today. Patent attorneys are aware of budget concerns and work to help companies address them while getting the results they need. Here are the things to keep in mind when working with a patent attorney.

Navigate the Complexity

An application for a patent is complex. It must be filed exactly as directed by the USPTO. If a novice inventor or company member writes an application that satisfies the regulations, then that person deserves a gold star. Truly, it is a process that is not user friendly. Knowing whether or not to file a provisional or non-provisional patent is a decision that is best consulted on with a patent attorney. You may be a DIY'er like many entrepreneurs, but this is the time to delegate.

Lower the Costs

Many patent attorneys will offer certain packages for startups. This is to make the whole process better for your budget. A great way to further lower the cost is to prepare a white paper on the invention. A white paper is a document, often spanning many pages, that provides details of your invention. It not only provides a brief overview of the use of your invention, but also specific features that you would like to patent. It should describe it in a lot of detail with drawings, pictures, and other information that the attorney can reference.

Many attorneys appropriate their fee based on hourly work. Therefore, be sure to include all relevant information and allow the patent attorney to spend less time hunting for data that could have been included. This will help to cut down on the overall fee, and let you spend the money in other areas.

Be Patient

The patent process is one that involves a lot of paperwork, some money, and time. Don't act rashly and ruin your chances of obtaining the patent. Instead, listen to your patent attorney and let them advise you on the best course of action to take regarding your invention.

Working with a patent attorney can be the best decision you make when protecting your invention. Startups spend years sometimes to develop an idea. Don't let your intellectual property be used by competitors who will take the credit. Instead, note how to work with a patent attorney and achieve the best outcome you can for your company, your product, and your brand.

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