3 Ways To Cope With Sexual Harassment At Work

Achieving career success can be challenging enough, but when you are being sexually harassed at work it may feel impossible. Victims of sexual harassment frequently experience depression, physical symptoms like headaches, and decreased morale. If you are being sexually harassed at work, you deserve fair treatment. Here are three powerful ways to cope with sexual harassment in the workplace: Know How to Identify Sexual Harassment Sometimes sexual harassment in the workplace can be confusing because it isn't always blatant. Read More 

Take Action Against Same-Sex Sexual Harassment

When people hear the term "sexual harassment in the workplace", the mind most often goes to inappropriate behavior geared toward the opposite sex. However, the reality is that same-sex sexual harassment is alive, and more importantly, it's prevalent. If you suspect you are a victim of this harmful behavior on your job, it's important to learn more.  Sexual Orientation Some people are under the impression that the sexual orientation of the victim somehow precludes the aggressor from guilt. Read More 

Losing A Parent: How A Probate Lawyer Can Help

If you have recently had a parent pass away, you know the strain that it can cause. This strain can be felt not only emotionally, but if your parent passed away without a signed will, your relationships with your siblings may also suffer. Everyone probably loved your parent and had wonderful memories with them. That being said, certain items and possessions of your parent's may have special meaning to more than one person. Read More 

How Can You Ensure Your Business Will Remain Viable for Generations?

Whether you've started a thriving business from scratch during your working years or have taken over and expanded a business that's been family-owned for several generations, you may be concerned about your business succession plan (or lack thereof). In fact, only about three percent of family-owned businesses remain family-owned into the fourth generation. This demonstrates the difficulty of adequate or appropriate succession planning. Fortunately, there are some strategies that may ensure the continued success of your business without pitting family members against each other in day-to-day interactions. Read More 

Working With A Patent Attorney For Your Invention

It is not required by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) to have a patent attorney file for a patent, but there are plenty of reasons why it benefits you to do so. Protecting the intellectual property of a startup is a very critical component of business today. Patent attorneys are aware of budget concerns and work to help companies address them while getting the results they need. Here are the things to keep in mind when working with a patent attorney. Read More